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Cultivating commerce

Adelaide is a small business city made up of numerous evolving ecosystems of cultural, commercial and community enterprise. As an urban planner and small business owner I believe Adelaide City Council has an important role to play in cultivating a city where these local ecosystems can flourish.    Our city is already restructuring in response to the decline of older industries, the challenges of climate change and the digitisation of our economy. We need to explore new forms of transport, planning and development, but we also need to embrace traditional city building and high quality urban design. Pursuing a carbon neutral economy is a no-brainer, along with the continued greening of our city streets, squares and precincts.    The role of culture in the design, economy and life of successful cities is becoming increasingly important, and a new wave of prosperity built on new technologies and industries is entirely possible for a boutique city like Adelaide. According to Professor Lord Nicholas Stern (the world’s foremost expert on the economics of climate change), responding to climate change and technological innovation will bring tremendous opportunities for creativity and growth for a city like ours.

I would like to see Adelaide build on our existing strengths and cultivate food, wine and cultural tourism through UNESCO World Heritage listing of our park lands and nearby food and wine regions. International and interstate visitors are increasingly interested in visiting cultural and heritage places, and the World Heritage brand can generate significant economic benefits. The focus for UNESCO listing has shifted from pure historical recognition to economic development based on uniqueness, authenticity, and a distinct sense of place, identity and culture.    World Heritage listing of Adelaide's city layout and park ands would activate and enhance the city's cultural and commercial ecosystems, substantially increase foot traffic across the city and North Adelaide, and attract entrepreneurs to our heritage precincts and regional destinations without adding any new layers of bureaucracy, as the city layout and park lands are already protected through National Heritage listing.    UNESCO listing based on Adelaide's unique history and city design would reinforce that protection while attracting global events, conferences and new talent and skills to our education, health and sporting precincts. UNESCO recognition would also bring new businesses to the Central Market, Hutt Street, the East and West Ends, Rundle Mall, North Terrace, O'Connell Street and elsewhere, while stimulating the city's export economy.

In short, for the fraction of the price of a new sports stadium or art gallery, UNESCO World Heritage recognition would put Adelaide on the global map, protect and promote our best assets and be an enormous boost for business, tourism and the economy in general. 

Authorised by Stephanie Johnston B Arch St MURP MPIA M.ICOMOS. For more campaign information please go to or like my Facebook page

Authorised by Stephanie Johnston  B Arch St MURP MPIA M.ICOMOS 

ADELAIDE COUNCIL AREA CANDIDATE  2/7 Sydney Place Adelaide SA 5000

UNESCO recognition would bring new business to the Central Market, Hutt Street, the East and West Ends, Rundle Mall, North Terrace, O'Connell Street and elsewhere while stimulating the city's export economy.

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